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Omnichannel “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) platform, ZestMoney unveiled its commercial campaign consisting of 2 films. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and understanding of BNPL and Zest’s fully digital offerings. The ad stars stand-up comedian, Rahul Subramanian as himself and his alter ego. The advertisements contain a series of unusual circumstances conveying the message that a part of us yearns and still longs for a better life. The other side of ours is constantly telling us to be more careful, frugal and sane.

The campaign is conceptualized by Vijay Joseph, Creative Manager at ZestMoney and Deepika Chandrasekaran, Founder of Cock-A-Doodle films.

One of the films focuses on Subramaniam struggling to work his budget. He furiously types numbers into a calculator then goes back to his list. He stops abruptly because he seems to have lost track. Then he crumples the paper into a ball and throws it over his shoulder. His alter ego enters to grab the ball of paper. He smooths out the paper, looks at the list, takes out his phone and goes through the list. The next thing you see is a couch full of gifts and he’s elated.

The second film shows him dropping a phone in the toilet. Subramanian wants to fish him out, but his alter ego simply hands him a new phone. As the movie progresses, we hear her old phone returning to the toilet.
Lizzie Chapman, CEO and Co-Founder of ZestMoney, said, “Our new brand campaign story is built on accessibility, convenience and trust. We firmly believe that BNPL is an effective means of bringing financial freedom to millions of people. We are focused on meeting the unmet credit needs of Indians by combining the convenience of payments with an absolute emphasis on transparency of supply. “

She added, “Through this campaign, we aim to raise awareness of ZestMoney and educate consumers on how they can intelligently plan their finances by choosing an option that provides transparency, digital experience and flexibility for shopping in stores. online and offline.

Aishvarya Murali, Marketing Manager of ZestMoney, said: “We who all grow up in middle class families will be faced with agonizing expenses, especially peaks during holiday or vacation periods. Zest believes that deserving people should not agonize over these things. It should be easy and breezy, and that’s the underlying message this fun series wanted to get across. In addition, as a responsible player, we believe that transparency regarding the repayment terms and the subsequent payment process is an integral part of the offer and this is a huge competitive advantage for us in the market. We have planned a 360 percent campaign that’s going on right now, and the next few months are going to be very exciting for the brand.

Chandrasekaran and Joseph said, “The campaign brief was clear enough to explain the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ proposition to the target audience and how ZestMoney is best suited to help them meet their needs. Rahul Subramanian was a perfect choice. to start the series. We have managed to balance the use of humor while maintaining the brand’s message. The idea was to leave the viewer with a nostalgic smile on similar experiences they have had. “

The multimedia campaign featuring brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar focuses on how the bank’s services can help small and medium-sized businesses restart after the pandemic …


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