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A scene from the branded film celebrating the new ‘Happy hoke chale school hum’ campaign.

Stationery brand Youva from ‘Navneet Education’ has welcomed students with a new range of stationery backed by a back-to-school campaign.

The brand unveils a brand film produced by Ants Digital.

The commercial tells how mothers prepare for their children’s trip and the new excitement experienced by children. It showcases a range of products that help students reconnect with classrooms and get back to normal.

Abhijit Sanyal, Director of Strategy and Spokesperson of Youva, said, “As students return to school, we thought of celebrating this milestone by launching a brand new campaign, ‘Happy hoke chale school hum’. We have created an exciting film with our digital agency ‘ants digital’ which expresses the joy of children returning to school.”

Sanjay Arora, CEO of Ants Digital, said: “This is one of our best films ever brought to life. The entire film is a story of all the mothers watching their children’s journey over the past two years and the newfound excitement experienced by the children as they prepare to return to school. We had a lot of fun creating this movie and we are sure that all kids and their parents will love it.

Watch the brand movie here:

Created by upGrad’s in-house team, the digital film brings Golden Gate University’s educational legacy to the forefront and will encourage India’s workforce to make informed learning decisions for maximum career growth. ..


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