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WinZO beats for Bharat in new multilingual branding campaign.

A social gaming platform, WinZO launched its multilingual brand campaign in close collaboration with Piyush Pandey of Ogilvy, who is the chairman of the Global Creative and Executive Chairman, India.

Through this campaign, WinZO aims to establish itself as the preferred destination for all interactive entertainment for every household in Bharath. The entire campaign theme and stories were conceptualized by Pandey.

The campaign aims to capture the raw human emotions of competition, victory, and the fun associated with social bonding. It also aspires to focus on how diverse people, regardless of age, gender and geography, can bring their competitive and entertainment aspirations online from their daily lives on WinZO. These Daily Conquests were crafted into four video stories by Ogilvy.

The campaign, following on from the previous campaign, will develop the theme of the excitement experienced by individuals in social circles simply through small winning moments.

Saumya Singh Rathore, Co-Founder of WinZO, said, “While the last decade has belonged to the boom in e-commerce in India, this decade is for games and interactive entertainment. India is at the epicenter of this rapidly growing trillion dollar global gaming opportunity. As a leading player in the space, our partnership with Piyush and Ogilvy is symbolic of our recognition and taking responsibility for establishing play as a dominant social activity. Piyush has not only helped build brands, but also helped build great industries through its campaigns over the decades. We’re excited to work with him to achieve the same for the gaming industry and our brand. “

Pandey said, “It was a lot of fun for me to work on the WinZO campaign. Playing one game or another is inherent in human nature. We have tried to step into real life and see how each of us, no matter what layer of society we come from, benefits from these moments. And hence the belief that WinZO offers you plenty of opportunities to play games that you really enjoy and have the pleasure of winning. It has been wonderful working on this campaign, and I hope our audiences enjoy watching the films. “

At the Ad Asia conference in Macau, Piyush Pandey virtually spoke about the importance of creativity and how humanity has survived for years based solely on creativity …



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