Why You Should Use Paid Search Engine Marketing For Your Business


Imagine a swimming pool filled with tiny colored marbles. What if there was a way to find the exact marble you want without having to dig for days?

Paid search engine marketing allows your customers to weed out millions of irrelevant web pages to find your business. Don’t force your customers to swim.

It’s time to take your marketing campaign to the next level with paid search advertising.

Here’s a quick guide to how paid search engine marketing can boost your business.

What is Paid Search Engine Marketing?

Search engines aren’t magic, and they’re certainly not charitable. Major search engines like Google and Bing are free services that offer various marketing products to businesses in order to make a profit. These marketing products help businesses like yours gain more visibility in search engines whose primary job is to filter through millions of websites.

In a standard search, a user’s keywords go through a complex algorithm and are matched against a list of search results.

Paid search engine marketing, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is a way to skip the queues and bypass competing websites on search engine results pages. Search engines identify your paid ranking as an advertisement so users know that your page is not showing up organically.

Benefits of Paid Search

In a perfect world, a search engine is a true meritocracy. Only the most credible and relevant websites appear on the first page of search results every time. But a search engine can only display a limited number of results on a single page.

With over 200 million active websites, your chances of getting high search rankings are high, especially if you’re a new entrant. However, paid search engine marketing works even when you lose organic rankings to competitors. The benefits of this include:

1. Brand building

When customers see your business name appear repeatedly in search engine results, it creates branding. Customers become more aware of your brand name, which could lead them to your services over time.

But that’s not the only benefit you get from using paid search engine marketing for your business.

2. Boost SEO

Paid search engine marketing puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to search engine optimization. You know where and when your search results appear and how often.

Paid search is a way to maximize your website’s visibility without trying to figure out and maneuver through complicated search engine algorithms.

Organic search rankings work great for your business if you get to the top of search results pages. The problem is waiting for the search engine to find you and rank your website on the first page of search results, which can take years and over which you have little control.

You can get around all of that with PPC search ads.

3. Targeting

The best search engine marketing products allow for targeting, which means you can choose the demographics of your target customer. When a customer who matches your target demographic searches, your business name appears at the top of the search results.

4. Economical

You only pay per click with paid search engine marketing. If your ad appears in front of 100,000 users and none of them clicks on your ad, those 100,000 impressions did not result in any payout. Impressions are a great way to generate awareness and build brand trust over time.

5. Keyword Control

Paid search engine marketing also gives you control over the keywords associated with your business. If you’re just getting started, your business name won’t be popular enough to drive large amounts of traffic to your site.

Adding new keywords and keyword phrases associates your business name with a wider variety of user interests. For example, if you offer a gardening service, you can add “weeding and seeding” or “best types of mulch” to your keywords.

6. Predictability

The key is to find the most relevant phrases for your business and allow them to align you with the right customers. Other advertising methods may be unpredictable. Paid search marketing provides a steady flow of traffic to match your marketing goals.

7. Speed ​​of results

Paid search engine marketing produces results quickly. With millions of searches performed every day, search engines have plenty of opportunities to instantly start promoting your ad once it’s live. Few other advertising opportunities give you instant access to customers.

8. Low barriers to entry

Most online ad campaigns require graphic design or video production to get started. These options can be expensive for small businesses.

Paid search engine marketing requires inline text to begin with. Once you’ve chosen a business description for your ad campaign, you can launch it in minutes.

A winning paid search ad strategy

Like many forms of online advertising, paid search can get complicated. Too many options and too much control isn’t always a good thing for marketers. You need to plan your strategy in advance to avoid overspending in the wrong areas.

Consider the following questions when creating your paid search engine marketing strategy:

  • What is the best time of day to reach my customers?
  • Should I target customers on mobile devices on traditional computers?
  • Where are my customers located?
  • Do my clients speak English?

Research your current clientele to begin your fact-finding mission. Your current customers give you a starting point for the type of customer who finds your business useful.

Then choose the best keywords for your ad. For example, Broughton Partners includes relevant legal marketing keywords in both the homepage description and the subpage descriptions of a paid search ad.

Look for competitive intelligence

Start researching the keywords used by competitors. Review their ad descriptions to learn more about their messaging strategy.

You don’t need to copy their technique to be effective, but you want to go back and find out why this SEO description works. There may be keywords included that you did not consider.

pay to play

Paid search engine marketing gives you more control over your online advertising than any other medium. With this marketing tool, a startup with just $50 a month has access to the same users as a Fortune 500 company with a $1 million advertising budget.

The difference comes with the scale. The smaller your initial budget with paid search engine marketing, the smaller your advertising footprint. You only reach the number of customers you pay, but the demographics stay the same.

With paid search engine marketing, you have the opportunity to attract loyal, qualified leads that can help take your business to the next level.


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