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VIP Bags, the luggage brand, has launched a new campaign titled ‘Pyaar Wahi by Soch Nayi‘. With Vani Kapoor as brand ambassador, the brand aims to highlight its bridal collection.

The campaign aims to highlight the typical stereotype of Indian society with a forward-thinking progressive message. TVC casts Kapoor as a new bride as she embodies a young Indian woman’s view of marriage and highlights the unjustifiable pressures that new brides have to endure…

The campaign captures the idea that marriage is one of the main triggers for investing in luggage. The brand understood how the woman is overwhelmed with blessings that put unnecessary pressure on her from the first day of her new life, such as – Keep your husband happy, give us the good news soon, hope you have a boy .

Through this film, VIP Bags aims to bring a much needed change in people’s perspective to get rid of this unnecessary pressure and allow the bride to settle into her new home easily. The film, while spotlighting the new collection of weddings for the 2022 season, also tackles this long-prevailing social issue in Indian society and makes viewers sit up and reflect.

Praful Gupta, Vice President, Marketing, VIP Industries, said, “TVC’s message resonates with the inner voice of every woman in today’s empowered world. As a brand with a great heritage, we have always been the first choice for travel bags over the years and with this message it also showcases our progressive and forward-thinking vision. We tapped Vaani Kapoor for this campaign keeping in mind his appeal to ambitious, free-spirited young people. She certainly resonates with audiences with her natural charm and both traditional and modern approach.”

Watch the movie here;

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