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The trend of online shopping has become a popular and in-demand service, making it a highly competitive market. The post-pandemic trend shows a strong increase in online sales worldwide. According to the statisticse-commerce sales were $4.28 trillion in 2020, and are expected to reach $5.4 trillion by 2022. In order not to lose the market and attract more users and consumers, businesses should adopt and effectively use the text message marketing approach. .

The approach is known as SMS Marketing and can be implemented using different platforms. Popular platforms like Shopify, ShoplazzaWix, etc. support end-to-end operations to make SMS marketing easier and businesses to grow and grow.

Studies show that, for young people aged 18 to 24, SMS is the most used marketing method; Additionally, a text message is sent or received by 97% of Americans every week. This article outlines five ways to use text messages as an e-commerce marketing strategy.

1. Urgent Promos

It focuses on people with the psychology of not missing the sale deadline of the offer, which helps convert the highest viewers into customers. It must be composed of urgent and surprising phrases allowing viewers to react immediately; knowledge of programs forces them to scroll through products.

However, it is crucial that you do not overdo this strategy and, more importantly, that you do not lose the opportunity with inferior offers. Save it for multiple occasions, such as sales of soon-to-be-discontinued products or big sales you rarely hold.

2. Special occasions

Festivals and events bring with them the need and desire to procure different things in order to make the occasions special and unique and add an essence of novelty, which could be the best way to entice customers with offers. invitations sent directly to their phone.

3. Generate prospect inquiries and sales invoice

The SMS Chatbox is the best example for solving product and service questions such as offers, purchases, payment questions and customer service questions. Digitization has enabled and made a habit of not worrying about paper-based invoices, allowing sales invoices to be sent as text messages, providing users with easy and accessible information as well as helping to store invoices securely and permanently.

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4. Announcements of new products or price reductions

Let your customers know as soon as possible if you’ve added a new good or service to your list of options. This should be important as it may be a requirement for many customers who check out and buy from other e-commerce sites and will now prefer your platform.

A price drop warning is the best way to convey urgency. Share the price reduction with your followers so they can benefit from it, whatever the cause (bad inventory, a sale, etc.).

5. Collection of feedback

One of the most important aspects of marketing for a brand is knowing the preferences and behavior of customers, their mood or dislike for each aspect of a business. Many people get scared or irritated when they fill out feedback forms or simply ignore them.

To avoid this, allow people to provide feedback via SMS instead of providing links in SMS and allowing them to submit it on their site.


Text messaging, or SMS marketing, is considered a fantastic way to interact with customers and manage a higher return on investment. The analysis and synthesis of the messages sent and the requests and responses received must be carried out to obtain better results while investing at a higher cost.

It also allows the organization to use direct delivery techniques efficiently while providing real-time information in the form of text messages. It is a simple, practical and popular strategy and one of the most influential and fastest approaches.

(Contributed by Aloukik Rathore & Hermes Fang)


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