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There are countless benefits of running a business online, rather than in a traditional brick and mortar building. Having the right online presence will allow your business to cross borders, to access customers that could go global.

Whatever the business, from small local businesses to startups to mega-businesses, ecommerce marketing tools can help put your business on the map.

But before you can get started with building your online marketing presence, you need to decide which e-commerce marketing tool will best meet your business needs. Some tools may offer advantages over others, so choosing the right one for you is extremely important.

We’ve taken care of the hard part for you and listed the five best ecommerce marketing tools below, so read on to find out more about the tool that could completely change the way you do business.

Social media advertising

This is a big deal, and it’s probably the one you’ve heard of before. If you’ve used social media before, you know that it’s next to impossible to go awhile without seeing an ad for something. Large businesses, online stores, and even local businesses run their ads on popular social media sites with the goal of reaching as many potential customers as possible.

However, maintaining a social media presence for your business can quickly become tedious and stressful. Try using Facebook’s lead advertising tool, which allows you to quickly and easily populate lead information in an advertisement to target a specific demographic on social media.

Text Marketing

This next one is a little less conventional but can still be extremely effective. Customer contact information is one of the most important things for a growing business, and there is a lot you can do with it. With EZ Texting, you can use their platform in different ways.

These marketing strategies include:

  • Event advertising: If you have a big sale going on at your store, for example, this can be an easy way to get the word out to customers. If your customers don’t know about a sale, how will they know they need to participate?
  • Coordination of your workforce: An easy way to contact your employees is to send bulk SMS. Almost everyone has a phone, and most people keep it with them at all times, so it will be difficult for them to miss your call this way.
  • Customer service: An easy way to alert customers when an order has arrived or to answer their questions is to use text alerts. Many customers may prefer to receive communications via SMS rather than over the phone or in person.

These are just a few ways to use SMS ecommerce tools, but there could be plenty more apps we haven’t covered. Sky is the limit!

Email campaigns

Email marketing is another major method of ecommerce marketing that can easily get the word out to a large customer base. It has often been said that the most effective way to convert leads into customers is through email, and this is still true today.

Email has been compared to other social media posting methods and has much higher click-through rates. This means that instead of letting most people scroll through your ad, they are much more likely to click on links included in the email. This could be a link to your website, or maybe to another platform to view other advertising material.

Another advantage of using email as an e-commerce tool is that it is easy to follow. There’s a lot to track in email campaigns, including click-through rates, open rates, transfers, bounces, and more.

Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can put your ad directly in the search results of a google query. Users will see these ads before actual results and appear to your target demographics based on keywords, location, or other factors.

The majority of consumers will do some research online before making a purchase, whether they are looking for reviews, or sifting through several online stores that all sell the product they are interested in. This is why getting your ad showing up in search results can be such a boon to your business’ customer growth.

Overall, this can be a very effective method of increasing exposure for your brand and products. In addition to the great chances of success, you only pay for the real results!

SEO Marketing Tools

Search engine optimization can often be the difference between a successful online presence and a failure. Having a “good SEO” means that your business website is configured to appear at the top of the search results list when certain keywords are searched on Google. Because hardly anyone clicks on search results that appear a few pages below the top results, SEO is more important than ever.

SEO can help drive a lot of traffic to your site if done right, which in turn will naturally generate more customers. And this does not apply only to online stores, but also to physical stores. Many phone users are more likely to visit a local store after doing a quick research on it first.

With improved visibility in search engines, namely Google, your business will gain more attention and have a better chance of turning visitors into customers. This is the real power of SEO marketing.

Final thoughts

In today’s business environment, there are countless ways to market your store or product, but it can be difficult to decide which marketing tools are right for you. Hopefully, the five ecommerce marketing tools we’ve listed above will give you a head start in choosing the right one.

Remember, with so many options out there, don’t be afraid to try a few and see what works. What may work well for one business may not work at all for another. But with a little patience and know-how, you will become an ecommerce marketing expert in no time!



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