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Where did the catchy summer jingle go?

Where have the advertisements for refreshing cold drinks gone?

Don’t these brands that have seasonal products find the need to market their products?

Has climate change affected brands and they think the whole year is good for marketing?

Or has the advertising landscape shifted to include other brands that are making even more noise?

Or do they think people will flock to their stores (online or offline) and buy the products, regardless of the marketing?

The last option would be a marketer’s dream if the brand recall was so strong it didn’t require nudging.

Each season brings with it a kind of nostalgia. Rains, for example, remind me of wading through muddy puddles or taking an unexpected day off because the roads just aren’t passable (or safe).

Winters bring with them memories of snuggling up in blankets and sipping hot soup, or wearing soft, cozy sweaters, and miming cigarettes in places where the temperatures drop enough for breathing to be visible.

For me, summers are about mangoes, annual pickle-making rituals, and a variety of cold drinks, as well as advertisements for summer-specific products that are still etched in my memory as clearly as the day. Whether it was the iconic Glucon-D ad that showed a very angry, bright sun absorbing the energy of children, or the inimitable jingle for Dermicool. These announcements struck a chord and signaled the arrival of summer as well as the first mango harvest.

A recent trend on Twitter had people reminiscing about summer-themed ads by various product categories and a common thread was the sentiment “they don’t make them that way anymore.”

As platforms for displaying ads have grown since I was a kid (think the late 1990s), so have the vast number of brands that push their communication down consumers’ throats. So, have summer categories like hot powders, cold drinks and drink mixes, home coolers and theme park destinations got lost in the cacophony and chaos on our screens?

Or has the marketers handbook definition of summer changed to include the Indian Premier League? The annual T20 extravaganza has hosted multiple iconic campaigns (Vodafone’s Zoozoos for example, or more recently Swiggy’s campaigns). It gave brands a way to market their products regardless of the weather. In fact, market jargon often refers to the March-May period as the “IPL season,” which also coincides with the summer season.

This means that categories like e-commerce, fin-tech, ed-tech, as well as those like automotive, apparel and more can now advertise effectively on a platform that offers reach and visibility like no other in today’s Indian media landscape. .

But how would the IPL affect summer tier player campaigns? I don’t mean we don’t have any more iconic summer campaigns because of the IPL. I just wonder if the crowding during this time has grown that much thanks to the annual T20 tournament which has left the summer categories finding new ways to reach their customers.

While YouTube provides access to campaigns that ran in the past, one can’t help but feel a pang of sadness that such campaigns are a thing of the past.

Urvi Malvanie

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Sprite says “Thand Rakh” to angry young adults this summer

The missing summer campaign
Coca-Cola India has unveiled a new “Thand Rakh” campaign for Sprite. The campaign portrays light-hearted banter to reiterate the brand’s core message of being the go-to refreshing drink when the summer heat takes over.

Airing nationally, “Thand Rakh” is designed to appeal to teens and young adults who tend to give in to irritating situations as they take on challenges and explore the world. This campaign urges them to stay calm during hot times while encouraging them to take time to reset and stay cool with a chilled bottle of Sprite. Read more.

Kiara Advani enjoys the summer flowers of Mango’s spring-summer collection

The missing summer campaign
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The brand had announced Advani as Mango’s brand ambassador in India. Read more.

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