The missing piece of the puzzle: content automation


Rapidly changing buying habits are increasingly affecting the growth of organizations, and it is clear that selling content is a very important part of the sales process for businesses to achieve their goals. However, this sales content must be accurate, frequently updated and easily accessible to

sales teams so that they can provide the most relevant and specific assets for each sales situation. Personalization has also become a de facto necessity in sales, and buyers don’t just want it, they need it for them to navigate what is often a team buying experience. In addition to personalized content, the ability to easily find, assemble and distribute that content is also essential. Connecting these dots also forms the basis for measuring what is working well and what is not, in order to improve and replicate throughout the organization.

The world is now more interconnected than ever. In comparison, teams dispersed within a sales organization are interconnected through the sale of content. If created and managed effectively, content automation enables a smooth sales process, thus advancing your organization’s bottom line and bottom line. However, without content automation, your sales efforts are rooted in the past, stopping progress due to the inability to personalize and sell faster. It doesn’t have to be a Herculean effort to streamline content automation. It does, however, require a strategy that leverages the technologies to support it, thereby reducing complexities and improving productivity.

The missing piece

While our first annual edition Content Automation Trends Report validates that content automation is a key factor in any sales strategy, the overall sales strategy itself must be relevant to win repeatedly. End-to-end strategic sales execution is a methodology that integrates vital sales tactics such as content automation to both maintain and hone an effective sale. To find out more, go to our 2015 Sales Execution Trend Report and move beyond tactical selling to a complete sales transformation.


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