Marketers Launch Ecommerce Marketing Services Consulting Firm


Martin Corr, former Global Marketing Director of, and Nathan Crouch, Group Performance Manager, started a marketing services consultancy.

The announcement:

Upstart PeriscoPe e-commerce consulting firm was launched with a dedicated digital marketing offering. PeriscoPe’s digital marketing division will specialize in delivering results for e-commerce businesses and will be part of the larger group that offers complementary services such as business intelligence, strategic planning and technology.

Co-led by Martin Corr and Nathan Crouch – both of whom have held leadership and strategy roles in digital agency, publisher and client roles in the APAC, US and UK markets. ‘Europe – PeriscoPe’s digital marketing arm will remain primarily focused on assisting e-commerce businesses to achieve growth, but with a broader reach for customers who see an opportunity for these principles to be applied to their strategy marketing, planning and implementation.


“We couldn’t imagine a better time to launch PeriscoPe, as the e-commerce landscape has changed so much in such a short time. Good companies have to become big companies quickly in this environment, otherwise they will falter, ”Crouch said. “I think we’re in a pretty good position to help businesses achieve what they need right now from a digital marketing perspective. “

PeriscoPe marketers aim to provide a diverse range of strategic marketing services to the market covering all relevant channels for businesses looking for additional support and accountability in their digital marketing decisions. Starting with 2 offices in Australia, their offering will include Strategy, as well as SEM, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Attribution, Customer Experience, Social Media and more.

“Using our direct e-commerce experience from the past 5 years & past large agencies, we believe we have a compelling offering in the e-commerce category. We are exclusively dedicated to driving the best digital marketing results for e-commerce, so that the strategies, channels, advertising products and the way we connect and use data meet the challenges and opportunities for our partners.

The expanded PeriscoPe group, including the dedicated marketing division, is officially launched in September, led by an experienced digital retail team consisting of Lex Pedersen, Clover Chambers, Martin Corr and Nathan Crouch, and can be contacted at www.thisisperiscope .com / hello @ thisisperiscope .com


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