StockGro Highlights Harms of Hacks in New Campaign, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

A photo of one of the advertisements.

A social investment and stock trading platform, StockGro has released a new campaign, featuring two commercials. The campaign warns people about using ‘jugaad‘ (hack) commercially.

The first film shows a man in an office meeting. He is asked to turn on his camera and is seen placing his laptop so that he can attend the meeting while lying on his bed. But, her mother appears and says out loud to get out of bed. His boss finds out and asks him to physically come to the office. The film points out that people who use hacks often suffer losses.

Similarly, the second film shows a young man using several three-pronged sockets to connect various electrical devices, after which they all short out. This announcement highlights that hacks are, more often than not, disastrous and should not be used especially in dealing with the stock market.

Ajay Lakhotia, Founder and CEO of StockGro, said: “Although young people are still under the learning curve, it is important to establish the right foundations when it comes to money. StockGro is a safe space to learn more on trading as well as implementing this learning without incurring losses.This is precisely what we want to convey through these campaigns but in a quirky way that stays in the minds of users – hence the slogan – purse mein, no jugaad.

Through advertising, StockEdge aims to enable individuals to invest and trade independently by doing their own research through StockEdge and become Atmanirbhar.

The campaign highlights product features through an original depiction of what comfort really looks and feels like, with the UItima mattress.

The film begins with the question “Is baar IPL se kya seekha?” (What did we learn from IPL this time). What follows is a collage of animated clips of memorable IPL moments, set to a soundtrack by Unacademy…


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