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Namaste India Dairy is embarking on a new campaign.

Namaste India Dairy has launched a new campaign. Conceptualized by ADK-Fortune Communications, the campaign unfolded with the first film.

“The UHT pack with a cap meant that Namaste India’s creative agency ADK-Fortune Communications, Gurgaon could push consumption anytime / anywhere. It gave them a distinct hook and differentiator. Second, , as a specific part of India was being targeted, he decided that they were going to go hyper local with scenarios specific to that region. Once those two aspects of the problem were resolved, ADK decided that they would rely more on the basic proposition of “Start Solid Everyday” arising from the product promise of gaada mazaa“the agency said in a press release.

What followed was a series of three funny films, which show in the first film how a boy with the help of Namaste India Milk outwits a bigger bully in any situation imaginable, he added.

Atul Santosh, Marketing Manager of Namaste India Dairy, said: “Both North East India and Bengal are very important in our overall strategy to become a fully Indian brand. This latest campaign sprinkled with our branded exaggerated tone of voice clearly brings out the benefits of our new product offering in a memorable way.

Nakul Sharma, Vice President and Executive Creative Director of ADK-Fortune, said: “Namaste India has always pushed the forefront in all of its communications. With this campaign, we have mixed our unique brand of humor with undertones from North East India. The initial response shows that it has cleared the clutter and has already established a connection. “

Watch the ad here:


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