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Stanza Living addresses parental paranoia through a new campaign.

Co-living operator Stanza Living has launched a new brand campaign, “Loved by you. Moms approved. The campaign consists of 3 films and targets students, young professionals and their parents, in level I and II cities. He explains to parents and their young adults how the brand’s residences are a haven in a new city and are very similar to the feel of their own homes.

The campaign started with 3 teaser films to highlight parental paranoia in today’s times. The 3 main films record the conflict between the mother and the young being resolved when the duos visit the properties of Stanza Living. Each of them is amazed by the excellent facilities for young people and the strict COVID-19 protocols or measures that ensure mothers. The films also use the creative device of a dreamlike trance that delivers the message: our residences will be “loved by you, approved by moms”.

Sahil Chopra, VP Marketing and Communications, Stanza Living, “Our consumers have already spent over a year at home, stuck with their families. Now they want to leave home and go back to college / work. And while they may disagree with their mother’s dire health and safety predictions, her approval is second to none. With our product proposal, we are confident to bring them together on the same page.

He added, “Across the countryside, we’re showcasing our upscale residences – perfect for young people wanting to live in a place that truly suits their tastes. At the same time, we take a look at our robust COVID security protocols and a strict “no margin for error” policy that gets parental approval. Whenever you are looking for a safe harbor in a new city, you know Stanza Living is the place to go.

The digital campaign will be promoted on social media and OTT platforms and commercials will be launched on YouTube.

Watch the first 3 teaser movies and the last 3 main movies here:


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