Springbot Adds Facebook Messenger to Its Ecommerce Marketing Platform


Growing consumer use of messaging makes channel a priority for retailers

Springbot, a data-driven marketing platform for e-commerce retailers, launched Facebook Messenger Marketing as part of its all-in-one marketing automation platform. Retailers can integrate Facebook messages into automated marketing campaigns and manage them from their Springbot dashboard, a feature that is not readily available on traditional email marketing platforms.

“Over 80% of adults and 90% of teens use messaging apps to communicate with each other and with brands, so this has become an important channel for retailers,” said Erika Jolly Brookes, CMO at Springbot. “For SMB retailers, the ability to automate, deliver and measure campaigns from a single dashboard simplifies marketing operations without sacrificing results. “

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86% of consumers said personalization has some impact on what they buy, according to an Infosys study. Springbot’s Facebook Messenger Marketing allows a retailer to bring that personal touch and connect directly with potential customers who are engaged with their brand. Thanks to Springbot, Facebook messages can be integrated into automated drip campaigns, such as those triggered when someone leaves an item in their cart, creating a more seamless experience for the consumer and an additional channel. for retailers to bring buyers back to their site. purchase.

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“Our customers have found great success with automated emails, particularly when they encourage shoppers to return and purchase forgotten items,” said Amber Remm, vice president of customer success at Springbot. “As social messaging becomes a popular communication method for shoppers, the ability to add Facebook Messenger as a channel in these automated campaigns is something our merchants have asked us to include in the Springbot platform. They don’t need to learn any other tool and they can see how social posts work alongside all the other in-game marketing activities.

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