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Sonu Sood highlights #EkRishtaShudhtaKa! in Sunpure’s new campaign, Marketing & Advertising News, AND BrandEquity

Sonu Sood highlights #EkRishtaShudhtaKa!  in Sunoure's new campaign.
Sonu Sood highlights #EkRishtaShudhtaKa! in Sunoure’s new campaign.

Edible oil brand Sunpure has launched a brand campaign called #EkRishtaShudhtaKa! featuring its newly named brand ambassador Sonu Sood.

With this association, the brand hopes to reiterate its core values ​​of purity, care, honesty and reliability. Sood, which has become the most trusted brand in India for its work on numerous social causes, “resonates with Sunpure’s commitment to effecting positive change and creating a healthier ecosystem,” the brand says.

As part of this association, the first campaign celebrates the pure bond between a father and his daughter. The campaign, which airs in Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada, shows Sood playing the role of a responsible and caring father to a daughter who has lost her mother. Despite his own loss, he carried out his duties with great care and honesty, thereby earning the love and trust of his daughter. With emotional storytelling guiding the narrative, the video is a compelling watch.

Unlike most players in the category, who limit themselves to leveraging the mother-child bond to appease housewives, Sunpure went for a father-daughter duo with an unconventional narrative.

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Mannan Khan, Director of Sales and Marketing at Sunpure, said: “We are not only the top selling brand in South India in the category, but also the most trusted brand. As we seek to move the brand forward, it is our values ​​that must take precedence. At the same time, having a familiar face that conveys the brand’s message is important in a cluttered media environment. Therefore, we wanted to have a brand ambassador who shares Sunpure’s values. It is our honor and pleasure to have Sonu Sood as our brand ambassador, given his relentless approach to helping people to the best of his ability, without expecting anything in return. Her commitment reflects purity of heart, honesty, a caring attitude and reliability, all of which resonate with us at Sunpure as we seek to build a strong and growing brand community.

Vijesh Vijayan, Head of Marketing and Brand Communications, said: “We wanted to lead with a campaign focused on authenticity. We wanted to show that it takes immense integrity to express caring, purity and honesty, and to gain confidence in the face of external challenges. This applies to individuals as well as to the brand. However, with great determination and the right intention, this is certainly achievable. So when Sood as the father of a young girl tries to succeed in tasks that were previously taken care of by his wife, we see him struggling at first, but ultimately succeeding. With the actor and philanthropist as our ambassador, we want clients to know that they can always count on us for our values, and at the same time, find the strength to meet their own challenges.

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The new brand campaign will be launched in all markets where Sunpure is currently present, namely Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. In the coming days, we will see the actor running several brand campaigns as part of the new association.

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