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Snap Inc, which operates the Snapchat photo-sharing platform, has launched the Indian part of its global marketing campaign titled “Open Your Snapchat”. The campaign aims to showcase the power of Snap’s camera and the platform’s ability to help connect with culture, e-commerce, and meaningfully engage with friends and family.

This multi-pronged marketing campaign launched globally on July 30 in the US, UK and Mexico. The localized launch of the campaign in India in Hindi, Hinglish and English is an attempt to create socially relevant and culturally contextual experiences with a hint of local humor. The integrated branding campaign will launch on all digital platforms and will include Snapcodes revealing dozens of AR lenses and custom designs.

‘Open Your Snapchat’ features a range of popular Indian phrases that introduce the viewer to Snapchat filters like ‘Daadi Cool’ lens or ‘Desi Munde’ lens or ‘Beta, Aunty Ko Dance Karke Dikhao’ lens.

Watch the campaign here:

Kenny Mitchell, Marketing Director of Snap Inc., said: “This is part of our global campaign to communicate the expertise we have gained with AR (augmented reality) filters and the ease of use. So while we have customized the campaign based on geography to include cultural and local nuances specific to that market, it is an invitation to fully delve into the world of creativity and AR by asking current members and future generations of Snapchat to open their Snapchat to unlock a world of possibilities and expressions through the camera.

In India, Snap has seen users engage with AR to celebrate cultural moments and festivals like Diwali, Holi, Pongal, Onam, Baishakhi among others and learn local languages ​​through unique language lenses among many other local initiatives. . However, when it comes to India, the brand operates in a very crowded market where several competitors have adapted to the popularity of Snap to introduce their own version of features using AR filters. Mitchell believes that while the competition is tough, Snap’s superior camera and AR technology will serve him well, and this campaign aims to prove it.

Currently, Snap is expanding the team for various functions to support our community across India. These roles will help Snap advance local AR, Spotlight, partnerships, market development, sales, and creative strategy.

The campaign includes several 10- to 15-second videos that show the filter in question in use, with a call to action that simply says “Open your Snapchat”.

The TVC aims to send the message that fitness cannot be taken lightly …


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