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Sleepy Owl has announced the launch of a new brand campaign. It features a message for its consumers that says the coffee is “so good” and missing it is “your loss”.

To help get the message across, the brand is bringing its mascot, the signature blue owl, to life in the campaign, where it takes center stage.

The campaign aims to conjure “FOMO” with the hashtag #yourloss in the minds of viewers, but this time it’s fear of missing an owl. The central theme of the campaign is a nod to the brand’s coffee. It explains to the public that Sleepy Owl coffee tastes so good and would simply be anyone’s downfall if they missed it, the company said in a press release.

The Sleepy Owl campaign includes four films. Conceptualized and written for Millennials and Gen Z, the films chart consumer touchpoints, with each film set against the backdrop of common coffee drinking occasions.

Ashwajeet Singh, co-founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee, said, “The new-age consumer is not looking to be bombarded with superficial reasons to buy a product, hence the owl’s promise of great-tasting coffee, put in a fun, quirky and lighthearted way as it points to a simple fact.

Arman Sood, co-founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee, said: “In a category cluttered with over-the-top messaging built around the product, the brand chose not to romanticize the coffee and let the taste speak for itself. Thus, the way towards a campaign that would allow us to be realistic with our customers and to communicate with them, in their own language.

Watch the ads here:

The campaign film was conceptualized by Ogilvy.

The campaign is conceptualized and created for its BLDC fans to raise awareness about the energy saving aspect


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