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The FemTech brand Sirona has launched the “Daughter India” campaign.

The campaign urges Indians to change their minds – “India is not our mother, it is our daughter”.

The campaign captures the idea that while we expect Mother India to nurture, protect and care for us for life, the equation with her daughter India is different. We become protectors, providers, nurturers in our new roles. And perhaps such a new perspective will propel change in India, where women will finally feel safe and free, the brand said in a press release.

The print, video and social media campaign makes an uplifting call to all Indians to change their mindset about how they view the country and the difference they can make for it.

Anika Wadhera, Head of Marketing at Sirona, said: “We tend to take our mothers for granted. But what if we saw the nation as Daughter of India? A girl whose future depends on our love and care. At Sirona, we are committed to Daughter India and to the girls of India.

Parixit Bhattacharya, Associate Creative Director, TBWAIndia, said, “This is not a campaign, this is a call to action to see our country not as our mother but as our daughter; take care so that it is a country that suits its daughters. Our girls make our nation proud in every way. Yet our country is not exactly made for them because they cannot be as free as their male peers.

Govind Pandey, Managing Director of TBWAIndia, said, “We revere mothers and are grateful to them, but we take responsibility for our daughters. We don’t leave them to chance or apathy. We shape our daughters and then they shape us.
they cannot be as free as their male peers.

Watch the video here:

The campaign features an all-female collaborative song titled “Ni Aar Di – Ladies Who Lift” to honor the spark and passion of women’s weightlifting.


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