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Shah Rukh Khan in the new A23 campaign.

Online rummy platform A23 has launched a “Chalo Saath Khelein” campaign with its new actor brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan. The campaign promotes the company’s latest offerings while sending a responsible gambling message.

The company has expanded its offerings from rummy to fantasy sports, carom and billiards and plans to become a “multi-game app.”

The cross-platform campaign was designed and created by Vector Brand Solutions and urges players to gamble responsibly.

In one of the advertisements, Khan warns the public about the negative aspects of playing rummy such as financial risk. It also says that people under the age of 18 are not advised to play the game. The ad aims to establish A23 as a benevolent brand. Another video shows Khan playing different games with different people. This video promotes the brand’s new offerings.

Deepak Gullapalli, Founder and CEO of Head Digital Works, said, “We are obviously very excited about our brand new A23 app. As with our product, we’ve been clear that the campaign should also be player-focused. Our belief and perspective on gaming is pretty uncompromising and simple – we’re here to facilitate, celebrate and reward social connection through play, and to do so responsibly. And with what Vector and Shah Rukh have created, we’re very optimistic about what this campaign could do for us as a brand and a business. Joseph George, Founder and CEO of Vector Brand Solutions, said, “When a brand is committed to being gamers first, then the constant effort is not only to provide the gaming community with opportunities to grow social, unparalleled experience, excitement and rewards, but also constantly pushing them to be socially and personally responsible. From a brand building perspective, it is exciting for us to embark on a journey to build a brand that is both exciting and responsible. Chalo saath khelein.

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