Search Engine Marketing – The Most Popular Searches in Every US State



Ohioans love Lebron James, Californians worry about earthquakes, and Hawaiians want to go to Disneyland, according to a recent analysis of the hottest research in each U.S. state by WordStream.

The report was based on Google Trends data for the United States for the past 12 months (February 2014 to February 2015). Researchers identified the most popular searches specific to each state (that is, growing queries that were not part of national trends). Several locations did not have unique trends with sufficient search volume, which is why national searches were chosen.

Some of the more popular searches over the past 12 months were related to major news events, like the queries on “Ferguson” in Missouri, while others were more local, like the popularity of supermarket searches ” Market Basket “in New Hampshire.

Below is the top trending search in each state (plus Washington DC); to verify the full report for more details :

Alabama: Isis; Credit Karma

Alaska: earthquake in Alaska; Cabela’s

Arizona: Jennifer lawrence

Arkansas: Google Class; Uark Mail; Quizlet

California: Earthquake; giants

Colorado: Amazon prime

Connecticut: Sound cloud; Powerschool

Delaware: Cabela’s; UDSIS (University of Delaware student portal)

Florida: Sound cloud; Cool math games

Georgia: Credit Karma; Tiempo

Hawaii: Disneyland; South West

Idaho: Twitch (video and community platform for gamers); Khan Academy (non-profit educational organization)

Illinois: Student portal; Xfinity

Indiana: Zillow; Blackboard

Iowa: Isis; Snapchat

Kansas: Royals

Kentucky: Black Friday 2014; Clash of the clans

Louisiana: Credit Karma; Costco

Maine: Zillow; Snapchat; Mega-sharing

Maryland: Cool math games; Reddit; Orioles

Massachusetts: Santander; 2014 calendar

Michigan: Google Docs; Reddit; Kate upton

Minnesota: Craigslist MPLS (Minneapolis); Minnesota Savage

Mississippi: Kevin Gates; Lil boosie

Missouri: Ferguson

Montana: Charter (telecommunications); D2L (Desire 2 Learn, e-learning company)

Nebraska: Ferguson; Marcus Theaters

Nevada: Galaxy s5

New Hampshire: 2014 calendar ; Market basket

New Jersey: Google Drive; Google docs

New Mexico: 2014 calendar ; T Mobile

New York: Accuweather

North Carolina: Powerschool

North Dakota: BisManOnline; Tic

Ohio: James lebron

Oklahoma: Isis; Costco

Oregon: VK (social network with adult content)

Pennsylvania: Groupon

Rhode Island: Santander; Aspen

Caroline from the south: Credit Karma

South Dakota: My Sanford Chart (University of South Dakota medical portal)

Tennessee: Divergent (2014 film, based on a YA series)

Texas: Tiempo; Spurs

Utah: Zillow; Canvas (a learning management system)

Vermont: Buzzfeed; Putlocker (online movie platform)

Virginia: Tubidy (mobile video search engine); Waptrick (free music downloads); WhatsApp (mobile messaging)

Washington: giants

West Virginia: EngradeWV (educational portal); Destiny (video game released in 2014)

Wisconsin: brewers; Hobby lobby

Wyoming: Charter; Katy Perry

Washington DC: Patriots; Ferguson

About the research: The report was based on Google Trends data for the United States for the past 12 months (February 2014 to February 2015).



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