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This book is written for what I would call the “Modern Search Marketer”.

Traditionally, the role of the search marketer has been to drive traffic to the website.

More recently, the responsibility of search marketing has evolved to consider conversion. This means understanding the psychology behind the buying process, how payment can influence and improve the organic, the impact of social on research and research in the multi-channel world.

While in large organizations there may be a separate ‘conversion manager’ and ‘research manager’, in smaller organizations it is increasingly becoming the job of the ‘SEO manager’ to deliver in. both disciplines.

This is what I like about this book, Mike and Bill talk about the need to consider not only the technical aspect of SEO, but also aspects such as search intent and understanding buyer behavior. . Topics that are (still) overlooked by many search marketers targeting the keywords with the highest search volumes.

If you are new to search marketing, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the topic, written with great clarity. Even as a seasoned SEO practitioner, I enjoyed reading this book.

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Sandeep Vadgama

Sandeep Vadgama


Editor-in-chief of Fourth Source and freelance SEO / Digital Marketer based in London.

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