Search Engine Marketing – Google Takes 72% Of Searches In May



Google continued to dominate search in May, accounting for 72.2% of all searches in the United States in the four weeks ended May 29, 2010, up 1% from April, while Yahoo, Bing and Ask received 14.4%, 9.2% and 2.1%. , respectively, according to Experian Hitwise data.

The remaining 74 search engines in the Hitwise search engine analysis tool accounted for 2.03% of searches in the United States.

Search traffic to key sectors in the United States

Search engines remain the primary means by which Internet users access key industry categories.

Double-digit increases were recorded from April to May in the share of direct search engine traffic to Automotive, Business & Finance, Entertainment, News & Media, Shopping and Social Media.

Among the top 3 search engines, Google sent the most visits in Automotive, Health, Shopping and Travel categories, while Yahoo Search posted monthly gains in Automotive and Shopping categories, 13% and 10% respectively.

Bing’s share saw triple-digit growth in two categories: healthcare and shopping, and double-digit growth in auto and travel.

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Switch to two and three word queries

The number of longer search queries – those averaging five words or more – was down 2% from April, while the number of shorter search queries – those averaging one to four words – was down 2% from April. remained unchanged.

Two-word searches included the plurality of searches, about 23.3% of all queries, up 1% from April. The number of three-word searches also increased by 1%.



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