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Sara Ali Khan in the campaign film

Shopsy, the Flipkart-owned e-commerce platform, has released its latest campaign featuring actress Sara Ali Khan. Based on the idea that shoppers are always looking for a bargain and always looking for reasons to buy, the campaign features two commercials with actor Simbaa as the protagonist.

The first commercial takes place at Khan’s house where she tries to reverse the bargain for the shoes she ordered on Shopsy. A pissed off delivery guy tries to tell her he can’t accept more than Shopsy’s price for the shoes she ordered, but she keeps offering more money. In the end, the delivery man slips the extra she paid under the door.

In the second commercial, Khan is at the bank and another customer spots her bag and appreciates it. The actor immediately begins to empty his bag to give it to the other customer. Again, the customer is very upset and asks how she can accept such an “expensive” bag from her (a total stranger). Khan pulls out his phone and shows her the bag on Shopsy, which is available at a very affordable price. The film ends with the admiring customer transferring her belongings to the bag Khan gave her.

Madhuvanthi Ananth, Head of Marketing and Growth, Shopsy by Flipkart, “We wanted to highlight the information that forms the basis of the campaign. These are not new ideas as such, so we decided that the narrative of the ad would be way overkill to break up the mess, so we see very unlikely situations in real life – a buyer is negotiating upside down or giving their stuff away to complete strangers.

She adds that Khan’s choice to lead the creation was conscious given the roles she had performed in his films so far. Additionally, the team wanted someone who could do justice to the creative concept, and Khan was deemed the best choice.

The campaign’s media plan is focused on digital and television. While the commercial will roll out across various social media platforms, on TV Shopsy will buy commercial airtime on general entertainment channels and movie channels, as well as news. The focus is on non-metro markets where India’s next 400 million e-commerce customers will come from, Ananth adds.

Watch the movies here;

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