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An image from the advertising film.

Skinn by Titan, launched a digital film starring Bollywood actors Sanya Malhotra and Suhail Nayyar on Valentine’s Day.

The #BestSaidWithSkinn campaign celebrates imperfectly perfect relationships by capturing the finer nuances of love that are not just about the sparks flying through the air, but more about the deep sense of assurance that occurs over a period of time.

The campaign is based on a simple look at “what happens after you fall in love” after the so-called butterfly and heart-eye phase. In a way, it may seem like the spark is gone, but on the other hand, if you dig deeper, then it’s a feeling of deep comfort, assurance and stability that is the hallmark of the ” Happy forever”. It is this perspective that is beautifully brought to life by a slice-of-life film in which silences and daily gestures speak louder than any words.

To celebrate such a bond, the protagonist offers perfumes to Skinn. Perfumes are one of the most thoughtful gifts because they are very personal, intimate and create everlasting memories for the person. For all the love and emotion that words alone can’t do justice to, it’s #BestSaidWithSkinn.

Ankit Kasliwal, Marketing Manager, Fragrance Division, Titan, said, “There are often expressions of love that go unsaid as words fail while conveying the true depth of feelings. Offering a beautiful perfume to a loved one thus becomes an intimate and expressive gesture. This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to capture that true, deep-flowing essence of love and showcase those imperfect “perfect relationships” where the little things left unsaid can be rejoiced with Skinn by Titan.

Divya Bhatia, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy South, added: “For this year’s Valentine’s Day campaign, we wanted to do something that not everyone would be talking about. The reality is that the deeper the bond, the more comfortable the couple is doing their own thing and growing within the relationship. Taking that as our premise, we went ahead and created this narrative with a twist. A story that celebrates couples for who they are, individually and together. After all, it’s the little imperfections that make every relationship perfect in its own way.

Watch TVC here:-

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