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redBus makes the traveler experience easier with a new campaign.

An online bus ticketing platform, redBus has announced the launch of an advertising campaign in which it describes the differences in travelers’ experience when booking a bus seat using traditional offline methods and when online booking on redBus.

The campaign, which consists of two 30-second commercials, is conceptualized by McCann, Bangalore. The message of the film emphasizes ‘Natak’ or the dramatic battles travelers endure when trying to secure a seat using traditional offline methods.

The campaign was developed to capitalize and meet the needs of travel during the holiday season, thus highlighting aspects such as the comfort and convenience of travelers, made possible through the use of redBus’ online platforms for the booking of bus tickets.

In the first commercial, viewers witness a theatrical set with a stage, ready to begin the play titled, “Hot seat ka natak” and soon enough a painting-style bus appears, while the curtain is drawn. The view inside the bus is nothing less than a battle zone as passengers rush to take a seat, in a self-sanctioned fashion – a scene typical of the pre-digital era of travel in bus which still persists where seat reservation systems are absent. Attention then shifts to a person who is an audience in the theater, exclaiming, ‘Apni manpasand bus seat paane ke liye itna naatak’ and suggests downloading the redBus app to avoid this drama.

The second commercial focuses on the frustrations associated with queuing at a ticket office, especially when unruly travelers try to outsmart the people in the queue in front of them for a ticket. The same person in the audience exclaims again, ‘Ek State transport bus ticket paane ke liye itna naatak’ and again suggest downloading the app.

Prakash Sangam, President and CEO of redBus, said, “With intercity bus travel getting back on track with each passing day, the upcoming holiday season will be a catalyst for greater recovery and a return to life. normal, which makes it a very crucial phase for the sector. While online seat reservation has gained wide acceptance over the past 18 months for the convenience and benefits it offers, we seek to instill this habit in a significant base of travelers who use traditional methods of booking tickets. offline. Our campaign therefore aptly describes the difficulties associated with non-digital methods, to encourage them to try redBus. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. “

Pallavi Chopra, Senior Vice President of Brand and Head of Marketing, redBus, said: “Our brand campaign makes metaphorical illustrations of bus travelers’ struggles with reference to traditional or offline methods of seat reservation, describing it like a drama to demonstrate the advantages of booking online on redBus. As such, it resonates well with the population who will easily relate to it and appreciate our proposal. Messaging is simple and straightforward and compares the drama of offline to online, to help achieve a high level of recall and make us the platform of choice for travelers eager to visit and spend festive occasions with their families.

Dileep Ashoka, Executive Vice President of McCann South, said: “The problem of booking a bus ticket at the retail counter and the anxiety of getting the seat of your choice is nothing less. that a drama. To show the plight of a pain-conditioned traveler, we chose TABLEAUX as the treatment and demonstrated the pain in a theatrical way. The lyrics and music further amplify this, creating an entertaining and memorable communication.

The first of the two commercials has just been launched and the second should be released a few weeks later. The commercials will appear on national and regional TV channels and social media platforms, until the end of the holiday season around Diwali.

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