Quark Software Delivers New Content Automation Software for Modern Content Lifecycle Management


Quark Software, provider of content design, automation and intelligence software, launches Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen, a SaaS offering that automates every stage of content lifecycle management: creation, collaboration, assembly , publication and analysis. .

Integrating the company’s core content creation, automation and intelligence capabilities, QPP NextGen provides companies with a powerful platform to modernize their content ecosystems to support digital transformation, customer satisfaction, revenue generation and regulatory compliance, depending on the provider.

QPP NextGen provides closed-loop content lifecycle management to streamline content creation processes while ensuring compliance to improve the effectiveness of content strategies.

Its flexible deployment options support organizations migrating to the cloud and establish the framework for an extensible content ecosystem that integrates with existing technology investments, including easy integration with business applications such as Microsoft Office.

“Content is critical to business success, but organizations struggle to effectively create, manage, and deliver content that not only meets the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders, but also shows return on investment for their content strategies,” said Martin Owen, CEO of Quark. “We can help organizations harness the power of modular, metadata-driven omnichannel content to fuel successful initiatives. Our QPP NexGen platform addresses every stage of the content lifecycle with tools to drive the digitization of complex, industry-specific documents, including customization at scale and increased speed to localized audiences.

QPP NextGen enables organizations to take a unified, modern approach to content lifecycle management that reduces the complexity, cost, and guesswork inherent in enterprise content lifecycle management and instills the confidence that their content works for their business.

Key features and benefits of QPP NextGen include:

  • Structured creation
  • Omnichannel publishing
  • Content intelligence
  • Flexible deployment

For more information on this news, visit www.quark.com.


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