Paper Boat Launches New Juice Variants in Ad Campaign, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

A picture of the ad

The Script Room rolled out their first campaign with Paper Boat, following their recent brand account win.

In a warm setting, children are seen making a cosplay of a lemonade stand where they serve various flavors of Paper Boat Swing to their mother. A range of flavors and product variations, labeled as juicier and tastier, are featured throughout the film.

Ramsam (Rajesh Ramaswamy), co-founder of The Script Room and director of the film, said, “This is a new twist on Paper Boat. And we felt it would be best to introduce ourselves now and present our offer to the world. The task was to continue to maintain the innocence and simplicity that the brand is famous for. And still breathe a little novelty into it. We are delighted with the result. It has always been a great pleasure to work on Paper Boat.

Ayyappan Raj, co-founder of The Script Room, said: “Once in a while in life and business, you need some kind of affirmation. For me, Neeraj chose to work with us, it was exactly that. The Paper Boat ad from The Script Room means a lot to us. The new Swing movie is a great start and the first of many good things to come.

The digital campaign for the flagship product – Snuggy Gold Pant-Style Diapers, is an original take on one of its key features – “The Susu Meter” or Wetness Indicator Strip – which runs along the diaper and passes from yellow to blue to indicate when it’s time to change…


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