180 month loan | Who can apply for the loan?

A loan is usually granted with a term of two to four years. With some special loans, however, it is also possible to get a term of 180 months. Many wishes are costly and cannot be paid out of one’s own pocket. If you choose a loan with a long term, you often want to… Read More »

Car loan despite retraining – with immediate approval

If you want to apply for a car loan despite retraining, you very often have little chance of getting a loan. Whether a loan is possible can only be clarified in a personal conversation with the bank’s customer advisor. On this date, the bank customer usually only needs to bring a valid ID. If you… Read More »

Credit for new cars online

Second-hand vehicles are not always the cheaper offer Used or new vehicle? Many car buyers are faced with this question, especially when their own wallet is just less crowded. Sufficient cash is not always available to finance the planned purchase of a vehicle. Alternatively, many buyers then switch to used models and annual cars because… Read More »