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This is an image taken from the advertising film.

Tile manufacturer, Orientbell Tiles has launched its #TechNoTension campaign. The aim of the campaign is to highlight their claim to make everything easier and convenient for the customer to build their desirable home.

At the start of the commercial, four people of different age groups can be seen running on four different treadmills. The setup, which is in an area under construction, the background voice underscores how tired the process of perfecting the house and getting the best tiles was. Here, running on a treadmill means they are “running around” or “looking out” for the best tiles. As they answer “Yes” and when the answer comes, “orientbell.com hey na?’ the treadmill stops immediately and so do they.

The advertising film shows how, thanks to digital tools and technologies on the website, customers can find the tiles of their choice by simply uploading a photo from Instagram or Pinterest (same look).

The campaign points out that customers can also find the tile for their project using color filters, project location or other specifications, and get combinations in seconds.

Watch the ad campaign here:

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