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Excerpt from the OneInsure campaign film

The OneInsure insurance management platform has launched a new campaign. It was released with three different digital video ads.

Conceptualized by Django Digital, the campaign captures ideas from the insurance industry in three different situations that are featured in each commercial.

Ajay Bansal, co-founder and managing director of Robinhood Insurance Broker (parent company of OneInsure), told “The three digital video ads address issues customers face every day. The action plan when it came to conceptualizing the three films was also done by putting ourselves in the shoes of potential customers and so we concluded with three fundamental and most common problems they face.”

One movie is called “Speed ​​Reader” which highlights how realistic it is for customers to read and understand the number of pages containing the terms and conditions of insurance policies.

Siddhesh Parelkar, Group Editorial Manager at Django Digital, said: “Communicating in a fun way about a topic like insurance, with serious sentiment, was a challenge for us. The nature of the product is intangible and is entirely based on trust. I wanted our films to dwell on the pain points and be entertaining at the same time.”

Insurance jargon can seem complicated and overwhelming. While anyone can carefully read the terms and conditions of the insurance, few people really understand them. The film has a ‘Speed ​​Reader’ that proudly flips through hundreds of pages of insurance T&Cs. But then he realizes that he really hasn’t understood anything.

The second film ‘Invisible Man’ depicts a scene where one is going to claim insurance. It captures the possibility of someone encountering situations where you would be completely ignored in a claim office.

“It shows a helpless customer’s attempts to get the attention of the employees. His frustration and antics to get his questions answered only increase in intensity as the employees refuse to acknowledge him. Eventually, “the invisible man “gives up trying to be seen,” says Parelkar.

The film ‘Turkish Tussle’ sheds light on the problems customers face when actually claiming their policies. They don’t get what they really deserve and don’t have the knowledge to defend their claims.

The film shows a customer trying to get her hands on an ice cream cone. But, the ice cream seller engages her in a “Turkish battle” to the point that she gives up completely.

“Either due to lack of time, awareness or knowledge, people tend to miss claims or insurance policies that benefit them. Through our DVCs, we want to communicate that we are here to solve all your related problems. to insurance,” Bansal added.

He added that the company’s research consists of regular interactions with customers and the same discussions that take place through roundtables addressing these customer issues were highlighted in the campaign.

Highlighting the role of digital media in marketing communication, he said that with social media and the increase in digital communication channels, the brand wants to speak to the masses in a way that works best today. is why they chose the DVC route.

Social media, performance marketing and influencer marketing for the campaign were planned by Django Digital.

Watch the campaign films here;

The advertising film highlights the fact that health is important and should not be neglected. It conveys the message to secure yourself and protect your loved ones with an insurance policy…

The ad compares buying insurance to buying a shirt. He tells customers not to compromise on either…


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