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An image from the advertising film.

Paint manufacturer Nippon Paint has launched an advertising campaign for its Spotless Nxt product. The advertising campaign highlights Spotless Nxt’s “Swan-back” technology which makes the paint resistant to the penetration of waterborne stains and causes them to form pearls.

The ad was created and executed by Rubecon Communications.

The ad features Nippon Paint’s brand mascot, Blobby, and actor Redin Kingsley as a fun guardian who protects walls 24/7 from stains, until Blobby steps in with Spotless Nxt. The Blobby-watchman duo is also featured in social media support campaigns that highlight the product and its features.

In the campaign, the brand gets the message across that with Spotless NXT’s smudge-proof technology, you’ll never have to worry about getting your walls dirty again #WallukuWatchmanEdhuku.

Mahesh S. Anand, President of Nippon Paint, said, “We are thrilled to launch this new Spotless Nxt advertising campaign featuring Kingsley and our Spotless Nxt Blobby. We had noticed a growing awareness among our customers of paint with specific features such as anti-stain treatment. With Spotless Nxt, we want to offer our customers a high quality paint suitable for homes. With a lot of time spent indoors, this special emulsion acrylic paint will play an important role in keeping interiors free of household stains.

Mark Titus, Marketing Manager, Nippon Paint, added: “Adults in most families are very protective of their walls and strive to keep them clean and presentable, especially when their paint isn’t stain resistant. Through this advertisement, we wanted to show the fun side of such efforts while drawing attention to Spotless Nxt, our stain-blocking emulsion. Kingsley lends his brand of humor to the ad and social media campaign.

Watch TVC here:

The 45-second film was developed by Publicis and is aimed at consumers building their new home or renovating existing ones…


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