Nintex Named a Leader in Workflow and Content Automation


Aragon Research named Nintex a leader in Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) for its consistent product innovation and market leadership.

The company’s latest Vendor Assessment Report, The Aragon Research Globe, reviewed 13 leading software vendors known for their innovations in content automation and, therefore, digital transformation.

Aragon reports that productivity can be boosted “when the process of creating and routing documents that are part of contracts and onboarding is semi- or fully automated.”

Modern WCA software also offers organizations the benefits of automated process documentation intelligence that does not require human intervention.

“Transforming the way people work, whether at home or in the office, is just as critical today as it was at the start of the pandemic,” said Eric Johnson, CEO of Nintex.

“Nintex is honored to be named a Leader by Aragon Research, and our continued commitment is to help Nintex customers and partners transform manual, paper-based, and repetitive processes into fully digital experiences through our intelligent automation platform. and easy to use.”

Nintex Process Platform enables commercial enterprises and government agencies to design and deploy streamlined digital processes.

The company says this drives better experiences for employees, customers, and partners.

Additionally, more than 10,000 organizations and hundreds of partners worldwide use its platform to automate work and maintain a competitive edge.

“As a leader in the 2022 Aragon Research Globe for Workflow and Content Automation, Nintex is well positioned to maintain its growth trajectory and propel a new generation of enterprise applications that fully automate legacy forms-based processes,” says Jim Lundy, Principal Analyst of Aragon Research. .

“With now nearly $300 million in annual revenue, Nintex continues to add solutions and capabilities to its suite of process intelligence and automation tools that Centers of Excellence (COE) groups need to take into account.”

The report also recognizes Nintex as an innovative software provider that “has helped pioneer a no-code/low-code approach to content and process automation, as well as process discovery and mapping.”

Aragon also cited Nintex’s recent acquisitions of AssureSign and Kryon Systems, noting that the company is moving forward in the RPA space.

Nintex Workflow Cloud, the company’s cloud automation platform, offers the following process management and automation features:

  • Nintex Promapp for Process Mapping
  • Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow to create process apps and automated workflows in just a few clicks, without code
  • Nintex RPA to automate repetitive tasks
  • Nintex DocGen to automate document creation
  • Nintex Analytics to optimize workflows; and Nintex AssureSign to sign documents quickly and securely wherever you are

Nintex also recently accelerated process automation in commercial enterprises and government agencies by adding more than 50 new process templates to its online Nintex Gallery.

The online Nintex Gallery is an interactive portal containing downloadable process maps, automation templates, workflows and connectors to accelerate the digitization work of companies worldwide.


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