NextRoll Hires New President for AdRoll Ecommerce Marketing Division


Ecommerce experienced its biggest boom in 2020 with more new businesses and consumers online than ever before – and AdRoll’s platform was designed to meet the needs of marketers within D2C brands. Last April, AdRoll unveiled its new platform which included messaging and advertising functionality, and with Saxena, a seasoned SaaS executive now at the helm, that momentum should continue. The company has seen more than 100% monthly growth in platform subscriptions in the last six months of 2020, with more marketers relying on technology to acquire and retain customers.

“AdRoll is uniquely positioned to lead the next wave of D2C marketing automation, which has made me so excited about this opportunity,” said Roli saxena, President of AdRoll. “NextRoll is a profitable and scalable company, leveraging its existing media and new SaaS model across all of its operations. With the launch of the AdRoll e-commerce marketing platform last year, we now have a business model providing marketing software and digital advertising to D2C brands – combining ads and emails in a powerful platform. I’m excited to accelerate AdRoll’s growth by delivering a platform that D2C marketers truly rely on to grow their businesses. “

Saxena, who most recently served as Chief Customer Officer at Brex, has extensive experience with AdRoll’s current stage of moving from a single product to a multi-product SaaS company. While at Brex, Saxena was responsible for client revenue and the launch of Brex banking products, during the company’s rapid growth. She has been a pivotal leader at LinkedIn, holding various leadership roles, through the IPO and growth for three billion dollars In income.

In addition to leading companies into new areas of SaaS growth, Saxena has been active in growing their culture and diversity efforts. She was the co-founder of the LinkedIn Women’s Network program which increased the representation of women in leadership positions. She has been recognized as one of the Bay Area’s Most Influential Women by the San Francisco Business Times. She is an angel investor with Operator Collective, an organization that levels the investment landscape for women and people of color. Saxena also sits on the Board of Directors of Culture Amp and understands how building a strong culture can be a force multiplier for business results.

“Aside from the market opportunity, what really influenced my decision to join were the people I met during the interview process and the overall culture of inclusion throughout the NextRoll organization.” , said Saxena. “As an introvert and a woman of color, I have experienced environments that I didn’t fit in or feel out of place in, so it was refreshing to see NextRoll’s emphasis on culture. and inclusion. Many companies are talking about D&I and I was impressed that NextRoll did more than talk but operationalize D&I into the fabric of culture. “

“Beyond Roli’s impressive SaaS experience in multiple growing companies, it fits perfectly with our values ​​and culture here at NextRoll,” said Robin bordoli, CEO of NextRoll. “Roli supports us in our mission to create a more supportive and diverse workplace. She has consistently invested time and energy in making the voices of her peers and women in the industry heard. We are delighted to have her on board and look forward to learning from and growing with her in 2021 and beyond. “

About AdRoll
AdRoll is an ecommerce marketing platform that empowers growing brands that speak directly to consumers to connect with people wherever they go online. Today’s shopping journey includes up to 56 touchpoints, across ads, email and your online store. Make them all work together with AdRoll to keep customers coming back and buying more. The AdRoll platform is powered by our pioneering use of machine learning to analyze real-time performance advertising data. This early work is why more than 120,000 brands have trusted us since 2007. Get started for free today at AdRoll is a division of NextRoll, Inc., and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Dublin, New York City, Salt lake city, and Sydney.

About NextRoll
NextRoll is a marketing technology company that delivers products that ambitious marketers use and rely on to grow their businesses. Powered by machine learning and integrated data platforms, NextRoll’s technology serves tens of thousands of businesses around the world through its two business units: RollWorks, an account-based platform for business teams. B2B marketing and sales, AdRoll, an e-commerce marketing platform for direct selling brands. NextRoll is a private company headquartered in San Francisco, California. To learn more, visit

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