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We haven’t had much sun this summer here in Felix. We’ve been locked up, huddled in our laptops, destroying a bunch of new stuff – which overall gives us all-song (yes, we have audio), all-dance (yes, video too ), all-drag (see our Insta formats) new version of the product…

So, without further ado, here is #NEWFELIX.

First the what …

Felix does content automation

Felix started with automating content discovery experiences: giving content marketers and publishers new ways to enable their audiences to find new content on their sites.

It’s about how to make a site more eye-catching, once you’ve got your audience – and we’ve always done it pretty well.

But what about all the hard work you do to get people to your pages in the first place?

We thought a little automation could help when it comes to content creation. So #NewFelix also gives you video, audio and Instagram story super powers… alongside all of our good old collections of content.

Felix also now takes all your new posts, pages, and articles, does some magic, and then turns all the words and images into an array of new content formats – so you upload and share them on social media, as well as embed them on your source pages.

We think it will help a lot. For every new creative content you create, you now have 3 new ways to make it even more engaging… instantly and at an amazingly low price.

Here is the use case from yesterday …

Roger writes a blog post or a short story. He publishes it. He’s looking for a nicer image to use for Facebook or LinkedIn. Then he goes to those platforms and shares, or goes to his social post tool to play some more, and then posts it. People see it in their news feed, click, go to the source page, and scan.

If Roger is lucky, that initial engagement on the page lasts more than a few seconds, and people keep reading. If he’s lucky, they click on another article. If he’s unlucky – or if its content is a bit… well, boring – they go straight back to their News Feed.

Here is the Felix use case …

James creates its content and publishes it. He walks over to Felix and checks the merchandise: a short snacking video teaser that brings together all of the best bits of his post; an audio clip of less than a minute, presenter style, which summarizes the content of his key message; a slick and crisp Instagram story format that does the same.

If James wants to mess with the new format copy, he can. He can also swap some images if he wishes. He clicks Refresh and presto, everything is updated – everything is automated and instantaneous. It downloads a few of the formats and plugs them into its social media channels – as better, more engaging side pieces to promote its new content. It also gets the integration snippet for each of them and pastes them into its source page.

Now his social acquisition efforts are much more interesting and his new web page is much more engaging.

(Believe me, it works. Here is a B2B case study with DVV Media – increased audience engagement x3; here is a B2C case study with NME – increased engagement x2.)

Come on Jacques!

All of these brilliant new things that their audience can play with… in their social feeds and on the page. (It all took James a few minutes, by the way.)

Oh, and all of these great new formats are showing up in her onsite Felix content collections as well, giving her audience an even more enjoyable way to experience related content, once they arrive.

Check out our new product page if you want to see more.

What about the why…?

Felix makes a great commitment

It helps all marketers and content editors create more interesting content combinations, so you can maximize the attention and retention of your audience… on your websites, and now on social media.

Basically Felix takes your standard post / page / web article content and turns it into something special. About a hundred times faster and at a lower price than usual production costs.

Important to say, as before: No new workflow and no coding required.

Our new pricing plans start at £ 50 per month for our ‘Social’ edition… and you can try it out for free.

And what about the how…?

This is not my bag. I leave it to James …

Also useful… This is the first in a series of articles from James on how to convert a blog post into a great social media video.

Hope you like #NewFelix. It’s time for us to go have a beer …


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