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Mountain Dew has unveiled a new campaign for the 2021 summer season to inspire Indian youth to overcome their fears. The campaign reiterates the brand’s Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai philosophy in a new way, and features Bollywood actor and Mountain Dew brand ambassador Hrithik Roshan.

“Darr Haisiyat Nahi, Himmat Dekhta Hai” is the theme of the new TVC, which encourages today’s young people to free themselves from social pressures and overcome their fears to achieve extraordinary success. With this new campaign, Dew continues his Darr ke Aage Jeet hain philosophy, building the context for Young Striver India, who dreams and dares to win.

The film highlights Mountain Dew’s belief that self-esteem is only determined by the strength and courage they display, not the material possessions they possess. The film captures both Roshan’s dilemma and determination. It opens with him pulling his bike near a group of professional racers. The group mocks hero Dew as they believe his bike won’t be able to compete with the high-end bikes they ride.

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The race stops unexpectedly due to a landslide and runners are faced with the choice of succumbing to fear and turning around or overcoming the fear and moving forward. Despite the discouragement of the other runners, Roshan chooses to overcome his fears and face the challenge head-on. A determined look crosses his face as he takes a sip of Mountain Dew, rides his bike over a mountain chasm and finally emerges as a winner.

Vineet Sharma, Category Manager – Mountain Dew and Sting, PepsiCo India said, “With our ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ philosophy, Mountain Dew® has always celebrated the spirit of those who go above and beyond in the face of fear to achieve extraordinary results. In 2021, the brand recognizes that the real heroes are those who face challenges head-on, regardless of their background / status. We are convinced that the story “Darr Haisiyat Nahi, Himmat Dekhta Hai” will strike a chord with our consumers as it encourages them to overcome their fear and move forward on the path to victory. ”

“True heroes are defined by their strength and not where they come from. The Mountain Dew® story of “Dar Haisiyat Nahi, Himmat Dekhta Hai” resonates strongly with me because it corresponds to my conviction that it is the courage of an individual in the face of fear that makes them a true hero. I am convinced that the new film will inspire Indian youth and instill in them the belief that they can overcome any challenge just by having the confidence to face their fears, ”said Roshan.


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