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“Million” the pig highlights the Freecharge offer in a new campaign.

The digital financial services platform Freecharge has published a digital campaign to show how convenient and easy it is to pay via Freecharge Pay Later.

The campaign also introduces a new character called Million, by the brand, which adds to the quirk and humor of the campaign; to deliver the message of how the product makes life easier with one-click cashless and cardless payment, simple and easy to understand.

Conceptualized by Circus Media, the digital film features a pig called “Million” who engages with customers by encouraging them to make sound financial decisions. The film opens with “Million” standing at a payment counter with another person he calls “Macho,” both wanting to buy the last package of Nacho dips.

The author explores the role of symbolism in marketing and market research, and the signs brands need to watch out for …

As’ Macho ‘tries to pay with a card, only to find out later that the card machine is not working and he has no money left,’ Million ‘quickly pays the drop with the option’ Pay later ‘. “Macho” then has to take care of withdrawing money from an ATM and “Million” is shown enjoying his Nachos with the dip.
Siddharth Mehta, Managing Director and CEO of Freecharge, said: “This campaign is an attempt to show the convenience of Paying Later while making payment for your ‘everyday kharchas’ like booking / paying a taxi, pay at your kirana store, order food online, make online bill payments, etc. and thus solve this particular customer problem.

Kohli is also an athlete-investor for the brand, working in conjunction with Hyperice to further accelerate the wellness category …

He added, “A pig has always been associated with wise money habits, whether it’s a piggy bank or any savings instrument for that matter. From this point of view, it corresponded to the quotient of relativity. The character of Million is smart, someone who understands money and finance. He’s endearing in the way he behaves and interacts with people, helping us bring the consistency and personalization required in the financial services space.

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