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E-commerce platform Meesho has adapted a two-pronged approach with its latest marketing campaign to tap Indian small businesses.

The campaign is called “Client Sahi sahi, toh business ek number”.

The digital campaign highlights the “Meesho Promise” of how sellers on Meesho can grow their business by aiming to change their perception of online shoppers. It reiterates how e-commerce platform customers seek to maximize their shopping experience within a budget.

The campaign also has a grassroots stage in the form of “Meesho seller express” which will travel across the country with the aim of engaging with small businesses.

The digital campaign is then divided into two phases. The first phase will focus on how Meesho offers sellers access to a large base of value-seeking customers, as well as its “zero percent commission” feature. The second phase will feature the new initiatives launched this year, namely “zero fine” and “seven-day payments”.

In addition to an introduction to Meesho, there will be virtual reality games and themed simulations as part of the experience.
Lakshminarayan Swaminathan, Experience Manager, Supply Growth, Meesho said, “Almost 70% of all Meesho vendors are from tier two cities such as Amritsar, Rajkot and Tiruppur among others. With the kind of growth we are seeing on our platform, we are even more focused on deeper forays into Bharat. Our two-pronged approach ensures we reach MSMEs through digital channels and on the ground. Through the “Meesho Seller Express”, we aim to get closer to our sellers, allowing them to share their ideas and opinions. »

Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Head-West, DDB Mudra, said, “Getting the right pool of customers is essential for the growth of any business. Even more so if the business owner sells on the vast ocean that is the internet. Our campaign aims to allay the fears any growth-oriented seller is likely to have and convince them that Meesho is the right platform to connect them with customers who are looking for both great quality and great value. And we did that by painting an interesting picture of perception versus reality.”

Chandra Gulati, Director of Zeeco Brand Experiences, said, “During our planning phase, we identified how small business communities appreciate brands that actively engage with them on the ground. This experiential setup is designed to be informative and interactive for potential sellers. with a plethora of engaging touchpoints present throughout this process. We tried to make this business focus on giving sellers an opportunity to digitize and grow their business with Meesho.”

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Meesho said on June 2 that a Twitter user revealed concerted campaigns against the company by social media influencers.


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