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Social commerce platform, Meesho launched the “Sahi Sahi Lagaya Hain” campaign, to attract buyers to level 2+ markets.

Conceptualized by DDB Mudra, TVC presents the protagonist’s journey to discover the right product-price balance across India until he realizes that the ultimate deal on the product of his choice was still within his grasp. The main highlight is that customers can access a wide selection of products on the Meesho app.

The name of the campaign is so, as buyers in India frequently use the slogan “Sahi Sahi Lagao” (quote the fair price) when negotiating with sellers.

Megha Agarwal, Vice President and General Manager – Growth, Meesho, said: “The basic concept revolves around the fair value of a product that users often seek. With innovative initiatives such as 0% commission, Meesho has become the cheapest channel for sellers. In turn, they are able to guarantee the lowest prices for the users on the platform. “

Pallavi Chakravarti, Creative Manager – West, DDB Mudra, said: “Shopping online is a rich experience with many things – a discount here, an offer there, a new range elsewhere – and we have noticed that people are always locked into a struggle between ‘I paid more for this’ and ‘I paid less for this’. This is how we stumbled upon Meesho’s latest campaign proposition – on this platform, because it’s never about less or more. It’s always about paying the right price. We’ve created a campaign that we believe does justice to what Meesho does: marry the offline world with the brand’s online offering, but more importantly, tell the consumer what there is to gain for. him, in an engaging way. “

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