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Actor Manoj Bajpayee explains how to elevate even the most basic dishes with Tata Sampann’s dals and haldi in new advert

Tata Sampann has announced the launch of its latest campaign ‘Jaise Nature Do Banaya‘.

The campaign is part of the company’s desire to offer “For Better” products to its consumers seeking quality nutrition as part of their daily Indian diet.

The brand’s inspiration for this campaign is to meet consumer needs by providing quality food choices and retaining the power of food ingredients by avoiding any further processing.

The brand believes that there is an authentic essence in the food we eat and that when processed mindfully helps to harness the elemental power of nature.

Thanks to a series of commercials starring actor Manoj Bajpayee, this belief has been brought to life.

The films encourage consumers to rethink their choices when shopping for food products, raising more questions in their minds if they also focus on how spices, food staples look their flavor and benefits and reaffirm thus the brand’s promise to provide food staples and spices “just as nature intended”.

Bajpayee said, “Tata Sampann’s proposal to provide sarvagun nutrition to its consumers has been a major driving force behind my association.”

“I personally believe that if your ghar ka khana is made with high quality ingredients that are not altered or polished in any way, their nutrition will be as close to nature as possible and will ensure sampan poshan at any time,” he added.

Deepika Bhan, President, Packaged Foods (India), Tata Consumer Products, said, “Our commitment is to bring high quality nutrition to Indian homes. This commitment encourages us to work towards conscious transformation, allowing food to retain its full nutritional potential.

Sukesh Nayak, Creative Director at Ogilvy India, said, “We wanted to showcase Bajpayee not just as an actor, but also as a savvy foodie who loves to cook. In this lighthearted campaign, he shares with us some simple yet effective tips on how to elevate even the most basic dishes with Tata Sampann dals and Haldi.”

Watch the video here:

The brand made a foray into the meals category with the launch of a ready-to-cook meat biryani and masala mix in its latest campaign.


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