Litmus messaging platform acquires content automation


Litmus, the email marketing platform that provides optimization and collaboration tools, has acquired UK-based Kickdynamics, an AI-powered product recommendation and content automation solution. This move will allow Litmus customers to create personalized email content on a large scale. The acquisition reflects the belief that more personalized email content with more opens, clicks, and ultimately revenue.

Kickdynamics connects to content sources like catalogs to create dynamic content templates that fit into the email code, allowing marketers to automatically send personalized content without manual coding. The content is personalized by following the behavior on the site.

Why we care Email marketing shows no signs of slowing down, but inboxes are overwhelmed. Rising above the noise means not only talking to potential customers, but also meeting their individual needs. The road Litmus takes here seems customer-centric – and in 2021, it’s the right road.

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