Litmus announces the acquisition of the Kickdynamic content automation platform


BOSTON and SAN MATEO, California, November 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Sunflower, a leader in email marketing, today announced the acquisition of Kick dynamics, an AI-powered content automation solution. With its acquisition, Litmus expands its portfolio of email marketing solutions to include Kickdynamic’s dynamic content automation and AI-powered product recommendations.

Highly targeted and personalized marketing initiatives and programs are essential to generating revenue. According to Epsilon, 80% of clients are more likely to make a purchase from a brand with personalized experiences. In addition, according to Litmus 2021 Email Status report, nearly six in ten marketers keep improving email personalization a priority. With the acquisition of Kickdynamic, Litmus users can efficiently create, test, and collaborate on high volumes of email, while simultaneously creating highly personalized email experiences at scale that convert leads and generate revenue.

“Customers base their purchasing decisions on brands that can provide them with a connected and personalized experience when they want it, where they want it. With tools to leverage comprehensive data and dynamic content, marketers can better predict what their buyers will want in specific scenarios. ” noted Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus. “Personalization has never been more important for all brands, and our acquisition of Kickdynamic will help our customers deliver the predictive content needed to drive revenue. With Kickdynamic’s powerful dynamic content automation solution and Litmus’ market-leading email optimization, collaboration and analytics platform, Email marketers across industries will be fully empowered to get the best return on email, dramatically boosting brand awareness, increasing conversions and acquiring new customers. “

Founded in 2012 in London, Kickdynamic helps marketers unlock the potential of their emails with its content automation platform and product recommendations Lynx, an AI prediction engine. Kickdynamic’s content automation technology allows marketers to connect content sources, such as a product feed or catalog, to create dynamic content models that integrate quickly and easily into code. ‘an email. With a single HTML code tag, marketers can automate the sending of unique and engaging content, personalized for each subscriber, with no manual effort and using any cloud email marketing provider. Additionally, the company’s product recommendations allow marketers to seamlessly track on-site activity and subscriber behavior and leverage the data to immediately recommend personalized products via email that can be personalized for. meet the unique needs and directives of the user.

“By joining forces with Litmus, the pioneer and market leader in the messaging space, we have a unique opportunity to enable leading brands to benefit from the power of dynamic content,” said Matt Hayes, CEO and co-founder of Kickdynamic. “With our shared mission to fuel personalized content and optimization efforts to promote more engaging experiences and drive better email results, Litmus and Kickdynamic will now be the leaders in email marketing personalization. Customers will be empowered to create individualized, error-free email experiences at scale. – experiment with consumers Actually want to.”

This announcement follows the release of Litmus’ 2021 Email Status report and his product update announcement. For more information on Litmus and Kickdynamic, please visit and

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