Litmus acquires Kickdynamic, a content automation platform


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Litmus announced the acquisition of Kickdynamic, an AI-powered content automation solution. The acquisition will help Litmus continue to expand its email marketing portfolio with the AI-powered product recommendations and dynamic content automation offered by Kickdynamic. The news comes shortly after Litmus’ new product updates, which introduced enhanced automation, workflow and customization capabilities to its platform.

Litmus is an email optimization and collaboration solution designed to help marketers and agencies improve marketing performance and subscriber engagement. The company’s suite of email marketing products includes features for developing marketing campaigns, pre-send testing, marketing insights, analytics and integrations with popular platforms such as Trello, Slack , Google, Salesforce, etc.

With its acquisition of Kickdynamic, Litmus will enable its users to improve the way they create, test and collaborate on large volumes of personalized emails. Additionally, new updates announced by Litmus for its platform will improve its email creation, automated reminders, integrations, and email analytics tools.

Erik Nierenberg, CEO of Litmus, says, “Customers base their purchasing decisions on brands that can give them a connected and personalized experience when they want it, where they want it. With tools to leverage comprehensive data and dynamic content, marketers can better predict what their buyers will want in specific scenarios. Personalization has never been more important for any brand, and our acquisition of Kickdynamic will help our customers deliver the predictive content needed to drive revenue. With Kickdynamic’s powerful dynamic content automation solution and Litmus’ market-leading email intelligence, collaboration and optimization platform, email marketers at all industries will be fully empowered to achieve the highest return on email, dramatically amplifying brand awareness, increasing conversions and acquiring new customers.”

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