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Clothing brand Jockey is returning to television advertising this holiday season with the launch of its latest campaign for Jockey Woman. The campaign includes 9 advertising videos and will be rolled out on television and digitally. In addition to this, the brand will use hyperlocal touch points through point-of-sale advertising.

Jockey Woman is a sub-brand of the Jockey stable that focuses on the intimate clothing portfolio for women. It was launched in 2018 and is one of the youngest players, taking over Indian and international brands already established in the segment.

Karthik Yathindra, Associate Vice President – Marketing and Product Management, Jockey India, explains: “The sub-brand was launched to overcome the perception that we are a menswear brand. The point is, we have spent a lot of time in the menswear business and are known for our athleisure range. Jockey Woman is therefore a way to solve this problem (perception challenge).

He adds that this goal motivated the brand’s slogan – “Knows Me”, as Jockey wanted to reach out to consumers and make a connection in the segment. The new campaign marries this brand philosophy with the idea that women don’t like to be locked into one category. The campaign slogan reads: “Arms as versatile as I am”, alluding to the variety of products Jockey Woman has to offer.
In 2018, Jockey launched a campaign to showcase the sub-brand, and this year’s campaign is an extension of that communication. “I would say this is version 2.0 of Jockey Woman ‘Knows Me’ with a particular focus on bras as a category. The previous campaign had been launched to establish positioning and was aimed at lingerie in general as a category. This particular campaign is specifically aimed at focusing on bras as a category, which largely stems from our business objective of wanting to strengthen our position (in the segment), ”Yathindra adds.

Making inroads into the intimate women’s clothing category is a difficult task given the plethora of brands already in play and the nature of the product. While there are well-known brands like Triumph, Amante, etc., there are also many Indian brands that have a significant presence in multi-brand outlets.

A study focusing on teenage girls in Tier 2 and 3 cities suggests that most branded communications end up marginalizing the actual experience of the majority, while respecting narratives of the 1% voice, among others …

Yathindra adds that even for Jockey, the maximum sales come from the presence of the brand in the points of sale. However, the brand is intensifying its presence in large format stores, and through exclusive Jockey outlets. “The exclusive points of sale have been planned and designed to provide comfort to the consumer when looking for intimate lingerie products. So in many centers we have outlets that only offer products for women to ensure privacy and convenience when shopping, ”he says.

For this campaign, the brand is going up and going digital. On television, the brand will focus on Hindi films, music and youth, and infotainment genres. Yathindra says these genres have traditionally been successful for the brand and will continue to do so. Unlike most brands, Jockey Woman will not tackle mainstream Hindi entertainment channels or sports channels, despite the high visibility and female audience among the premieres, and tent properties like the Indian Premier League and the ICC T20 World Cup coming in the last. This is to avoid being part of a cluttered advertising environment, he adds.

The campaign “Kaam Ka LED, Kamaal Ka LED, Bajaj LED” was conceptualized by Bajaj Electricals and McCann …


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