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KL Rahul

XYXX launched a brand campaign featuring KL Rahul. The “Play Your Way” campaign features the cricketer in a series of films, conceptualized by The Womb, that invite viewers to disconnect from the noise and trust their instincts.

The campaign kicks off with a visually stunning film featuring Rahul deep in thought during a pivotal moment in a match, presented with a range of choices, each with a unique outcome and he chooses to cut through the noise and go his own way. way.

The aim is to show that when Rahul is faced with a situation on the pitch where he has to make a decision between the right options available, he doesn’t give in to the hype that surrounds him and decides to do things his own way.

The trademark tone is neither preachy nor prescriptive, so the films are left open-ended and intentionally do not feature the decision Rahul ultimately makes, creating intrigue and keeping viewers guessing, while pushing the viewer to choose. the “Play your way” philosophy even in off-pitch life situations.

Navin Talreja, Founder of The Womb, said: “For a sportsman of KL’s stature, it’s so important to cut out all the noise, believe in your abilities and trust your own instincts. This is exactly what we tried to show in our communication. To add to that, it was a conscious call to feature KL Rahul wearing only underwear as the whole category shies away from it and discourages him. In our minds, that’s actually what the brand stands for: play your way. »

Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX, said, “With the ‘Play Your Way’ campaign, our goal is to encourage and applaud authenticity, people who chart their own paths, avoid naysayers and trust their instinct through all of life’s choices. There couldn’t be a better face for the campaign than our ambassador – KL Rahul, who is the true embodiment of quiet bravery and bravery. With the campaign, we hope to drive the culture in new and provocative ways that will hopefully encourage people to always follow their instincts and be true to their most authentic selves.

Rahul said, “The Play Your Way campaign is a testament to my journey as a sportsman. As far as the world sees me, what they don’t know about me is the honesty with which I’ve made every decision in my life. In a world filled with fake news and hype, where everyone has an “expert opinion”, I say this with no disrespect to anyone that the idea suggests just turn off the noise and listen to your voice inner…and that goes for everyone, no matter who they are or what they do.

The brand goal behind this association is to leverage Rahul fans for customer acquisition, boosting online presence and geographic expansion into previously untapped markets. XYXX wants to establish itself as a trusted brand…


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