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Skincare brand Kaya has unveiled a new ‘Beauty in Safety’ campaign, aiming to raise awareness of transgender rights.

The campaign is a step towards realizing Kaya’s new mantra “Beautiful is You”. The campaign was launched on International Transgender Day of Visibility and speaks to how beauty is intrinsic and visibility is more than representation.

The campaign was conceptualized by Schbang for Good. Kaya, in collaboration with PeriFerry, has also begun training transgender women to upgrade them with salon skills and hire them at major Kaya clinics nationwide. At the same time, the brand also equips 20,000 transgender people in a situation of medical exclusion with disinfectants.

The brand has also engaged with loud and powerful voices in the community to amplify the stories of transgender people who have faced challenges to bravely enter the workforce by breaking stereotypes. Influencers like Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju and Nitasha Biswas have come together to show their brand support for this initiative. – ‘Beautiful is You’, Kaya proudly welcomes a diverse clientele, including transgender clients. With this campaign, we are taking another step towards delivering on our promise to reposition ourselves as an inclusive beauty brand, by opening up work opportunities to the transgender community. From hiring transgender women in collaboration with PeriFerry to creating a safe and welcoming workspace through awareness workshops and training for internal employees, we announce our commitment to continue to hire more transgender people in our clinics across India.

Gazal Dhaliwal, trans woman and Bollywood screenwriter, said, “It’s good to see that Kaya has taken the initiative to hire transgender people and gives us an opportunity to use our voice to tell our story. It was wonderful working with the team at Schbang for Good, who brought a lens of learning, sensitivity and sincerity to the narrative. Kaya, as an established brand with a presence among a predominantly cisgender audience, has taken its first step towards taking a firm and active stance in fostering a culture of true inclusion. We hope that other brands and individuals will take inspiration from this and take similar initiatives. Because there is a lot of potential and talent in the transgender community that is unexplored today, and all we need is an opportunity like this.

Rhea Amin, Assistant Vice President – Integrated Solutions, Schbang said, “We wanted to create a campaign that went beyond the performative portrayal of India’s transgender community in media and communications. We really wanted to pass the mic to this community, to exemplify how campaigns should create space for marginalized identities to drive their narrative with their voice and create real impact.
“To work with Gazal, who is not a trained VO artist, but who so kindly agreed to lend his voice to the film, to spend time with the people featured in the film and to understand their lives up close, before to film and present moments that are truly a part of their daily lives. The team has constantly consulted with people from the trans community and incorporated each of their suggestions and lived insights into aspects of this campaign, making it an unparalleled learning and growth experience for all of us as well, and one that will always be close to our hearts,” Amine added.

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