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Glori Handwash asks people to properly disguise themselves in new campaign

Glori Handwash has started an awareness campaign that asks people to wear a mask correctly. Conceptualized by 82.5 communication, this campaign consists of five digital films where the protagonist is seen harassing people who do not wear a mask correctly, until they wear it.

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, President and Creative Director of 82.5 Communications India, said: “We have approached an important issue with a light touch – using a Hindi phrase that relates to both the soap and the behavior we are promoting. – making it a suitable way for Glori soap to deliver a social message. ”

Rahul Gyanchandani, RSPL Co-Managing Director, said: “It is about time the honest brand got a little honest with its consumers about something wrong. People have stopped worrying about wearing the mask and like their benefactor Glori wants to remind them to keep the mask. Through this campaign, we urge people to follow safety measures and make sure others do too. “

The brand has launched a campaign called #EkRishtaShudhtaKa! celebrating the spirit of the father-daughter bond …

Preeta Mathur, Group Creative Director, 82.5 Communications India-North, said: “The brand felt this was the task of the day. To remind people to wear their masks which, at this time, are always resting on the chin or sometimes not there at all. The time had come for the message, but instead of making the message moralizing, we thought it was time to be a little cheeky. Taking a Hindi phrase which has our brand connecting “haath dhoke peeche pad jana”, we have created these films that take place in everyday life situations where the wearers are after the lives of those who do not comply. So, look at them, of course! with your mask up.


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