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Geek RoboCook launches its first brand campaign

Electric pressure cooker brand Geek RoboCook has launched its first brand campaign titled “Pressure off, RoboCook on”.

The campaign is driven by a digital advertising film, broadcast on all social media platforms. The main idea behind the campaign is to show that Geek RoboCook’s products save valuable cooking time which can instead be used to enjoy with family and friends.

The commercial was conceptualized by The Suits, a marketing strategy consultancy.

Murugan/ Prathap, Founder of Harkin Global Solutions, said, “We want to revolutionize the way Indians cook. Much of our cooking depends on the preparation, quantity and quality of the ingredients used. With Geek RoboCook, you always control this part. smart pre-programmed cooking with programmable smart cooking technology to save you time. Exclusive PIC technology automatically adjusts pressure, time and temperature to give you tasty, healthy food every time you cook. Our vision is to convert every traditional pressure cooker in Indian homes with the Smart Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker – Geek RoboCook.”

Anbu Balachandran, Founder of The Suits, said, “My mum spent so much awake time in the kitchen, but cooking doesn’t have to be as time-consuming and tiring as it is today. It can be fast, healthy and safe. It allows people like my mum or my sisters to choose how to spend that extra time – with family, friends or themselves.”

Watch the video here:

The campaign, which consists of a TV spot, is aimed at large industrial and commercial spaces…


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