Fundamentals of e-commerce marketing for maximum growth!



Google Ads (PPC) helps increase revenue and results. Many businesses fail to utilize the power of Google Ads due to the lack of campaign management and the complexity of the Google Ads platform. The company has witnessed how e-commerce stores have doubled, tripled their revenue with Google Ads and scaled quite quickly and profitably.


More than 2 billion people are there on Facebook, and due to its immense popularity, it is the best e-commerce choice for brands to attract, acquire and retain customers. ROI MINDS has proven that the Facebook Ads Funnel strategy has tripled, quintupled or multiplied eCom brands? They harness the power of cold, warm, and warm audience concepts and build on them with eye-catching creatives and laser-like audience targeting.


Use the power of free Google traffic with proper SEO store optimization. They have witnessed thousands of additional traffic for e-commerce brands with organic SEO.


The sales funnel is the new thing in marketing. ROI MINDS has implemented a sales funnel process to cover every touchpoint of the buyer’s journey, including the awareness, consideration, and decision-making stage. They use Clickfunnels to create an engaging and effective sales funnel for the fastest response. They offer a free sales funnel consultation for your business.


The marketing engine runs on content. This institution creates and disseminates unique, informative and persuasive content for the target audience, as well as highly targeted content. E-books, blog posts, webpage content, email sequences, social media content, and guides are some of the content marketing services they offer.


A single tool can meet all marketing needs. They create a profitable sales funnel, marketing strategies and web pages through Clickfunnels. They help their clients design front-end and back-end sales processes for their business growth. Again they offer free consultation from one of the best in India sales and marketing companies use Clickfunnels for your business.


They help improve user experience on landing pages to improve conversion rate. They also perform analytical health check, user research and information gathering, qualitative and quantitative research, hypothesis building and prioritization, and A/B testing. One can contact them for a free report on landing pages.


Marketing automation is the dream of every agency and business. Building a list and nurturing leads to customers are two marketing automation services. They create a series of follow-ups and deliverables based on touchpoints and user activity. They’ve worked with MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, and other platforms.


Increase the store size to seven or eight digits. They have extensive experience with e-commerce dropshipping ad campaigns. ROI Minds has helped entrepreneurs grow their dropshipping businesses using Facebook Ads, Product Search, Product Testing, and Sales Funnels.


They generate high quality leads for local businesses and online businesses such as IT, SAAS, etc. They create highly convertible campaigns on Facebook and Google to get the best leads and use the power of social media and search engines to generate high quality leads at a low cost. They guarantee that one will receive the leads immediately.


Amazon is no longer an option for merchants looking to grow their business. They can help you become the best seller on Amazon. To drive sales and reviews on the Amazon store, they use contextual and interest-based advertising strategies and a mix of sales funnels. They offer a free consultation for Ecommerce PPC Management.


Social media is used by over a billion people. The most recent updates of social networking sites make it even more important for a social media strategist to deliver better and more valuable content to the audience. Brand management is key to building customer loyalty.


They also help configure Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. They ensure that every macro and micro conversion is tracked using events and goals. Contact us for a free report on your Google Analytics setup. It is not easy to run successful campaigns if one does not track user behavior on their website.


They can help anyone running a business that has validated an idea for a product or service and is looking to grow. They use ROI Driven Digital Marketing strategies to sell millions of dollars worth of merchandise for e-commerce stores. You can contact ROI Minds if you are looking for a marketing team to help you achieve your revenue goals and gain an unfair competitive advantage.

“HELPING BUSINESSES TO GROW” is our mission at ROI MINDS! And we do this by running profitable marketing campaigns for them.

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