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FirstCry Says #FussyisFantastic in New Campaign, Marketing & Advertising News, AND BrandEquity

By August 19, 2021August 22nd, 2021Campaign marketing
FirstCry says #FussyisFantastic in new campaign.

Fatmen Advertising unveiled Firstcry’s latest campaign titled “Fussy Is Fantastic”. The multimedia branding campaign attempts to support and greet the restlessness of new age mothers, an aspect often criticized by society.

The 2 minute ad shows a variety of situations where mothers are labeled difficult for insisting on certain things. Whether it’s a mother telling her son to throw the trash in the trash, or a new mother berating society’s help for ringing the doorbell, all situations end with people. mentally calling mothers picky and judging them to be so. Some situations also include family members of mothers / expectant mothers.

The ad culminates with the message that mothers being picky about their children and their environment ultimately result in happier children with a “fantastic” future.

Watch the ad here –

“After wrapping up a decade that made FirstCry the largest baby and kids retailer in Asia, it was important for us to go beyond the category narrative and take a broader brand position. A position that was not only true to something we believed in, but also resonated strongly with the millions of mothers who made the brand what it was, ”said Anuj Jain, business leader and vice-president. senior president, FirstCry.

Rishabha Nayyar, Head of Strategy at Fatmen, said: “We met the hero of our story not in a focus group, but in our own homes. We called her the “Maman Fussy”. She refused to take anything for granted when it came to her child. From diet to play, clothes to values, safety to sleep, she took care of a million seemingly small little things to make childhood perfect. While every commotion for her was an act of responsibility, the world around her called it paranoia, giving her parenting style many not-so-sweet names – rude, emphatic, crazy, helicopter, gloomy, over the top. “

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“As a brand that believed that going into every detail of everyone and everything when it comes to your child is not extreme but great, we decided to support every mom by taking the position that ‘Fussy is fantastic “. In a world where the restlessness of mothers was discouraged, we would encourage it by talking and celebrating the good that comes from it. Every mom who allowed them to be agitated as they please,” he added .

“When we were pitching, we had a lot of smart concepts, but nothing really shone. My wife and I were new parents, and it frustrated me why we weren’t doing it. One night, before another round of pitching, my wife just broke down. It was as if she was fully there. I think that night, “smart” came out and “authenticity” came in. My team and I just made sure that we didn’t over-act that might rob the film of its authenticity. Even during production, Anupam and his team at Crazy Few went out of their way to keep the real sensation alive. In terms of casting, locations or even Anupam’s decision not to give it a conventional ratio aspect, everyone has done their best not to corrupt a beautiful thought. We hope we haven’t failed, ”said Ashwin Varkey, Creative Director, Fatmen.

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