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Fastrack advocates body positivity in latest campaign

Titan Company’s Fastrack has launched a new campaign to actively fuel the fearless expression of Gen Z’s fluid identity, showing how easy Gen Z is to kiss in the funniest and most fun way. free-spirited.

The new positioning of the “Fastrack – You Do You” brand is a recognition and representation of the multidimensional youth of our time, according to Kalpana R, Marketing Director, Watches, Titan Company. “The topic highlighted under ‘Fastrack – You do You’ is about celebrating the body and positivity. The brand is launching several films which capture the tensions encountered by young people, thus encouraging them to be comfortable under their skin, ”she explained.

The campaign is conceptualized by Saatchi & Saatchi …

The brand also aims to engage the public on these topics, through real conversations and the use of new-age digital media. Explaining why this concept was chosen for the campaign, Kalpana said: “The attention of young people has shifted to how they explore their identity through their varied choices, orientations and interests. Therefore, he was likely to move with today’s youth to a more relevant space of “Fastrack – You do You”. or boxes. The idea that for the ever-changing Generation Z, the definition of fashion, identity and direction evolves with it, led to the birth of this campaign. “Young people today are not rebels without a cause and are attentive to their moving identity, their prejudices, their voices and their independence,” Kalpana added.

GenZ, the digital native audience between 18 and 25, fluid in their choices, ambitious and thoughtful, is the target audience of the campaign.


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